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Thank You Fans Stay Blessed

You have made some of my achievements possible. I enjoy composing and creating art almost daily. I like to improve on my skills, ideas and create something new. I wish my fans and the world many blessings and positive vibes. Thank you for your support.



Long Beach Unified School District
I learned art and music techniques watching my brother play the accordion when we were kids. In 2001 and 2002 I was playing the violin for my middle school orchestra band. The instruments filled me with joy, so much so that i could memorize orchestra pieces without looking at the cue sheet notations.

I started producing before i was in Collage then i took some courses and learned new interesting techniques.

Hometown: Compton, CA, USA
Birthday: Mexico's Independence Day


I suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed my life. I had to relearn how to make music, art among other things due to memory loss.
I am Passionate in everything that I do from Music to Graphic Designs, Sound Effects and 3D Art designs.

Light Energy

Hello Everyone I am blessed to be alive. I was born with energy abilities. I had several energy experiences as a child including receiving blessings by angels from heaven. I enjoy healing others to help them relieve some pain and energy blockages. Stay blessed and bless others to help keep a connection with God and his army of angels.

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