I learned a lot from Long Beach Unified School District. Growing up I enjoyed spending time with my friends, making art, playing video games, soccer, collecting Pokémon cards, playing the accordion with my brother and worked at a catholic church for years, along side my brother and sister. In middles school I played the violin for my middle school orchestra band and we placed second place in a national school competition. The sounds the instruments made filled me with joy, so much so that I was able to memorize hours of orchestra pieces without having to read the cue sheet notations. I did not continue my passion for music until after high school. After a year of producing I sent my music to Slip-N-Slide Records and they sent me a form stating they wanted use one of my beats that I had made during my first month of music production. I went to Long Beach City College where I took art and music courses and learned new and interesting techniques.

Soon after I moved to San Diego where I suffered a life threatening injury that caused me to die while standing. It took 3 of my co-workers to make a mistake for me to get injured at Action Fire Systems CO, Inc. I was hit four times by an 100 pound metal pipe that was 21 feet long. The supervisor did not want to wait for a crane to unload the pipes so it took 3 people to unload the pipes. The manager was on top of the truck, another at the receiving end of the pipe and I was in the middle. Before we were getting ready to unload the second pipe the co-worker at the front receiving end changed the angle front his left shoulder to his right shoulder and the worker on the top of the truck changed his angle from bending over and pushing the pipe of with his hands to sitting down kicking the pipe off the truck real hard. The pipe hit me so hard it cut my helmet, cracked my skull open internally, forced my spine and teeth to crash down down hard against each other.

Everything went dark and that is when I knew I had died standing. I saw giant dark gates open outwards that revealed a gigantic white portal spinning clockwise. I could feel immense power coming from it. I had seen angels of light travel through these light portals before but I had never seen one of this magnitude. As I was getting ready to take my first step into the light, I stopped half way before taking the first step and thought about my children and that I couldn’t die because I love them so much that I needed to continue to take care of them. And in that instant God brought me back to life with the pipe still on top of my head and my neck forced to ben to the right by 100 pounds of metal, multiplied by the force of the kick off, multiplied by the friction of sliding metal on metal, multiplied by the gravity and height of the combined kinetic energy. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. I could feel the energy of the force travel down my spine forcing bone to hit bone and back up again while my vision looked as if I was underwater in a pool. I summoned enough force to strike the metal pipe off my head with my left hand as hard as I could causing the pipe to move 3 inches to the right getting the pipe of my head. Leaving me with a swollen wrist and forcing my arm to bounce all the way back down from the counterstrike force. For the third strike the pipe hit me back with a right hook to my jaw while my teeth are still shut from the first hit forcing them to scrape sideways and moving my jaw out of place. For the fourth and final hit, I could feel the full force of the pipe land on my right shoulder and compressing my entire body for a second time with more force (multiplied by the tower of the strike that I gave it). My heart and lungs almost exploded from the titanic force going throughout all my body causing my fluids to go violently in reverse and all over the place. My veins got hot, blood was forced into my heart causing it to expand and I could feel tiny bubbles exploding inside of my lungs, the alveoli burst, as the wind was forced out my lungs to the point where I could barely breath. While at the same time my shirt expanded like a fat person wiggling their belly. My spine was compressed downwards and I was bent to the right while my lower back was forced to over extend its bend forward. I felt like I was going to be catapulted off the ground onto the air to the second floor. So I locked the pipe like in between my arm, elbow and forearm. My organs and intestines shook violently inside as well as my body fluids, feeling like they were inside of a washing machine. My hips hit my leg bones, leg bones hit knees, shins hit ankles and the ground underneath my feet felt like there was an earthquake. The most astonishing thing of it all is that I died and came back, I could not feel any pain nor did I faint until hours later. While my manager and I were heading back to headquarters on the truck I told him that the pipe hit my head. He said “Yea I saw when the pipe hit your helmet and thought you were going straight to the ground”. Before we clocked out my manager and a co-worker were waiting next to the clock to punch out their time cards to leave work, when I suddenly fell to the ground and I lost control of my entire body. I could feel painful shocks in my brain, eyes, ears, jaw, neck, lungs, stomach, heard and all the way down to my knees, ankles and feet forcing every part in my body to contract the muscles violently and seizure up for I don’t know how long. I got back up and remembered nothing of what happened that day and my coworkers watching me seizure up did not call an ambulance but did toll me drive myself to the emergency room. They kept insisting and insisting even after we all clocked out, I was puzzled as to why they wanted me to go to the emergency room. All I kept saying is, “I feel fine, I feel fine, I don’t want to go to the emergency room!” and drove home.

If that injury wasn’t punishment enough I was forced to work by workers compensation doctor causing me lower back to hurt more a couple days later while pushing a shopping cart at work even following the work restrictions given to me by the doctors. I began receiving death threats the first week of my injury for filling a claim to workers compensation. My co-workers began mistreating me calling me a bitch for complaining about my pain to them and doctors. San Diego workers compensation insurance, doctors, lawyers, gangsters, drug addicts and police officers have given me a really hard time by omitting evidence, fraud, suppressing evidence, set ups, delayed benefits, stalking through phone gps location, humiliations, metal abuse, physical abuse, threats and attempted murders for more than  3,000 days. It pretty much seemed to me like insurance companies hire terrorist networks to commit genocide of American people. In, 2020, a day after my birthday a female drug addict latina tried to run me over on the back of a police building. I was able to move out in time despite walking with a cane. When I called the cops, one of them said they were going to investigae and check out the cameras but he never did. This was the third time I had received death threats in front of a police building. One of them happened in front of the sheriffs department in downtown San Diego. Someone yelled out to me twice, “SHUT UP OR WERE GOING TO KILL YOU FOR SPEAKIN GUP ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS!!!”. My family was very scared and nephew child was crying. This is what Marther luther King Jr. must have been going through for speaking up about his rights and pointing at his oppressor to stop the injustices and murders, just like I am speaking about mine. He had fires started in front of his home, I’ve had 6 fires started in front of my home. Without a doubt in my mind I know there are federal agents involved in democide. Iv’e heard at least 20 other disabled people tell me their stories about workers compensation regarding insurance company and doctor injustices while they also stalk, harrass, threated, attempt to kill or give them mental brake downs from the stress of it all. I believe this is done to force injured workers to give up their rights for $2,000 and to intimidate them and their civilian or military families. A lady of over 60 years of age with a workers compensation case told me that they tried to run her over in front of her home as well while she was walking her dog. Some billiionair insurance companies behave like terrorist gangster networks that commit democide against their own American customers. Their like Hitler corporations that pay FBI, Police, law makers, gangsters, drug addicts, doctors, lawyers and other federal agents to obstruct justice, bully, stalk, harass, threaten and kill people as if they were slaves without the right to live. This is the reason why I wrote the songs “Gagnsters Are Slaves” and “These Insurance Threats”. You can listen to them on all music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Pandora and more.

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