Please Read Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I Apply Coupon?

Apply valid “Coupon Code” at checkout field to receive discount rate to the total amount of items selected.

How Do I Give Proper Credit?

Proper credit is given in the following written format: “Music by Cali Crazed”; “Visuals by Cali Crazed”; “Beat by CaliCrazed.com”. Downloadable Song files need to include “Beat by Cali Crazed” and visual items as “Visuals by Cali Crazed.com” within the filename. All displayed and uploaded content needs to include written credit in either title or description.

How Do I Get My Files and License?

After payment you will receive an e-mail containing a link to download files and license within 24 hours. If you have not found it in your inbox check your spam folder.

What File Formats Do You Offer?

Store Items include audio (MP3, WAV, MIDI) and visual formats (PNG, JPG, MP4, 3DX, OBJ). The higher the price the higher the quality your will receive and can include the original studio work files.

Can i continue to use item leased after it is no longer available in your store or exclusive rights have been sold?

Yes. You are allowed to use license even in exclusive rights are sold and beat or item is no longer available. It does not affect previously sold licenses.

How Do You Add My Song Or Project To Your Playlist?

You may submit one link to your song or project to be considered for playlisting by filling out the contact form with subject headline “Playlist”. The more positive the song the higher the chance to be featured. If you would like your song to be added to more than one playlist you will need to pay for promotion.

Can You Approve YouTube Content ID If It Gets Flagged?

Yes. You will need to send in your channel link in the contact form along with other details that may be needed to have your YouTube channel approved for usage of beat or item in your video.

How Do I Receive Free ISRC And ISWC For My Song?

Fill out form and receive free ISRC and ISWC for your Song. Go to Project Registration Page Now

I Think Someone Stole Your Beats or Other Digital Items?

If You fee someone has infringed upon my copyrights and used Store Items without permission or in a fraudulent way, please let me know by Sending A Message

Do I have to pay you any royalties or additional fees when i release my song or project?

No, with all leases you keep 100% of profits made that is why you pay for the license fee on the item you purchase. The only exception is with leases such as Professional or higher that included split publishing, songwriters percentages for Broadcasting rights that include rights of use in Television, Radio, Synchronization Monetization, etc.