Music Services


Having Metadata on your music is one of the most important ways of getting recognized as a starting Artists. Your Music will have descriptive meta-tags. Work Numbers can be embedded as well. Most information can be added to MP3, WAV and FLAC formats. 

Metadata can include: Contact Info, Website, Song Title, Artist, Album Title, Album Art, Genre, ISRC Code, UPC Code, ISWC Code, Track Number,ear, Producer, Label, Publisher​, etc.

Mixing and Mastering

Sound Your Best. Your Song will be professionally enhanced to industry standard. Many techniques will be used such as: Compression, EQ, Limiting, FX Automation, Reverb and much more. Additionally creative effects will be added to take your music to the next level. Crazy heart pounding breaks and memorable sounds can have your fans jumping for joy.


This is the most important role for your audio recordings to deliver a cleaner sound for your music. I will do my best to remove crackles, background noise, scratches, saturation, pops, clicks, air and electrical noise or other unwanted noise.

Radio Version

A radio friendly version of your song will be delivered to you. You must provide lyrics or times sections to edit out.

Audio Tag

A Must have shoutout for professional Artists, DJ’s, Producers, Labels, Radio and Podcasts. Up to 15 seconds of audio. Provide a link for correct pronunciation.Voice Examples:

DJ, Male, Female, Robotic, Child, Echo, Deep Voice, Sexy Voice


Add watermarks to your Demos. Once you release a song to the world you want to let everyone know it is your hard work.

Provide website link and/or image logo you would like displayed on the watermark of your audio track

Up to 15 Seconds of audio will be repeated throughout a track and 30 words max will be added.


Custom Beat