Non-Exclusive Licenses

Distribute your Production to stores like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Walmart and keep 100% of sales worldwide. Digital download link and license are sent instantly to your email. All royalty shares are split 50% buyer and 50% Cali Crazed. If download is in a remix the split is changed to 70% buyer and 70% Cali Crazed.

Personal $1+

1 Project
50,000 Streams
Distribute 1,000 Copies
5 Paid Performances on Radio Stations or Channel Streams
1 Music Video

Business $50+

1 Project
250,000 Streams
Distribute 5,000 Copies
25 Paid Performances on Radio Stations, Live Channel Streams or Gig
1 Music Video
Monetized Videos and Gigs
Production Series, Digital Ads or Paper Prints

Professional $100+

1 Project
1 Million Streams
Distribute 25,000 Copies
100 Paid Performances on Radio Stations, Live Channel Streams or Gigs
1 Music Video
Monetized Videos and Gigs
Production Series, Digital Ads, Paper Prints, Merchandize

Unlimited $200+

1 Project
Unlimited Streams
Distribute Unlmited Copies
Unlimited Paid Performances
Unlimited Radio Stations, Live Channel Streams or Gigs
Unlimited Music Video
Monetized Videos and Gigs
Production Series, Digital Ads, Paper Prints, Merchandize, 3D Print, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Holograms, Television, Film, Commercials or Background Element
5 Year Lease

Exclusive Licensing

Exclusive $1,000+

Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Streams
Unlimited Crew Team
Music Royalty Share Buyer/Producer 50/50
Music Remix Royalty Share Buyer/Producer 30/70
Unlimited Broadcast, Live Digital and Physical Performances
Unlimited Monetized Shows and Videos
Unlimited Project Types
10 Year License

Ownership $1 Million+

You Become New Owner
Official Copyright Registration Transfer
All Items Delivered to Your Email
Item Taken Down From Store
New Owner Must Pay 25% Fee Of All Future Profits To Cali Crazed
Must Credit Cali Crazed As Original Author

Yearly Subscription

All subscriptions are for 1 year of Product downloads with the rights to Unlimited Projects, Profits, Crew Team, Downloads and Views. For use in Pre-Made, Live and Broadcast performances for all types of Projects such as Songs, Movies, Radio, Video Games, Shows, etc.
Royalty Share Producer/Buyer 50/50 or 70/30 for Remixed Store Item Sound Recording or Visuals


Drum Kits
Sound Effects




Cover Songs


3D Models

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Licensing Details

Store Download - All product embodiment rights available through the Site, such as any material content, download, audio work, visual work, sound recording, beat, instrumental, chorus, hook, song, vocal, composition, sound effect, sound pack, graphic, intellectual property, music, ring tones, ring back tones, SMS tones, screen savers, video, art, text, software, web design, code, plugin, template, animation, illustration, item, gif, 3d model, animation, illustration, drawing, midi, music sheet, pdf, test, lyrics, poem, render, NFT, template, phonograph, bundle and other copyrightable materials (collectively, the "Products") are owned by us, our Affiliates, and/or our (or their) licensors.

License - Whenever you purchase an item from the store, you will receive the download link to the item to your email along with a license agreement that details the rights of use by the type of license(s) you purchased (the "Product License"). All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. The copyrights and ownership remains 100% with Licensor. Licensee understands that they are buying the rights to use the download in a Project for profit and non-profit use. License will last until you reach one of the maximum allowed number of projects, streams, copies, crew team, project type or duration. You can register your works, such as vocals or lyrics but not the Store Product itself, with the proper copyright office form PA. To buy the Store item intellectual property itself licensee must purchase an ownership rights. Once exclusive rights or ownership is transferred to a new owner, the product will be removed from the store and will no longer be available for purchase.

Credit - You must add Cali Crazed as a Producer/Artist and Fernando Munguia Toscano as a Producer/Songwriter/Composer when releasing a Song or Music Video with a distributor or publisher or registration. You must always give credit in written display to Licensor "Instrumental Title by Cali Crazed - " or "3D Model Title by Cali Crazed -" in the description of a project (such as a song, video, artwork, etc.) or title. For credit in movies, video games and things of that nature in the credits section.

Licensee - Buyer of a product license from this website is known as licensee, buyer, customer, artist, crew team, company, brand, organization, party, license holder or person who can use download in their Project.

Licensor - The licensor is the producer, songwriter, composer or author known as Fernando "Cali Crazed" Munguia Toscano and the copyrights, intellectual property and all rights embodied in the products are owned by Licensor or has the proper rights to license the product.

Non-Exclusive - Non-Exclusive rights are granted to buyer of store product and their crew team and must abide by the entire license agreement. Licensor can continue to license the product on web store to other buyers until exclusive rights are sold or ownership is transferred.

Exclusive Rights - Exclusive rights license means you have the privileged right to use the product exclusively for your project only. Any other previous licenses sold before exclusive rights that were purchased remain active until their license expires for other Licensee's. Product will be marked as sold and will no longer be available for sale or download upon on web store until exclusive license duration expires. At which point the product will be available for sale on web store again. Upon request product may be removed from any website excluding demonstration videos, background music, intros, animations or sample display. For permanent ownership of the product you must purchase ownership rights.

Ownership Rights - When ownership rights are purchased buyer becomes the new owner of the product and all intellectual property copyrights and original files are transferred to Licensee email. You can register the copyright as your own in the copyright office.

Free Downloads - Demonstration downloads are for demonstration purposes only and do not include any artistic, commercial, profitable or legislative rights to download. Free downloads are only for non-profit digital use and licensee cannot offer Project downloads. You can upload a project to the internet on sites like Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, Soundclick, Bandcamp, etc. and must be ad free. Licensee must always give Credit to Licensor. If you want to distribute a song on album (Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) or manufacture physical copies, or sell a project digital or physical form, you must purchase a license for the appropriate project needs. You are not allowed to make changes to the store item, remove tags or watermarks or blend parts out.

Forever Products - Only sound effects, sfx packs, drum kits, loops, midi, producer packs, templates and plugins can be used forever in unlimited projects without further compensation.

Project - Licensee must incorporate Store download with audio visual material content on a Project. Licensee keeps 100% of profits from the finished Project and can exploit, distribute, stream and sell digital downloads or physical copies (CD/DVD/USB, etc.), public performances, communicate, reproduce, duplicate, manufacture or display Project in unlimited digital or physical stores worldwide for profit and non-profit use. Licensee is allowed to modify the audio with equalization, cut, loop or re-size, cut or loop the visual Product (the "Modification Limit"). The resulting works are subject to this entire license agreement. Licensee is responsible for clearing all samples used in a Project and Licensor cannot be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material. The combined income of Streams, royalties, sales or other profitable use. The resulting works are subject to this entire license agreement. Licensee will furnish to Licensor two copies of any disc, single, album or download (or any other configuration) of a Project within two weeks of the commercial release (the “Record Release”). You may not suggest that Licensor endorses you or project your use. You can find songwriter details on the following link Licensee can register lyrics and vocal recordings with the USA copyright office using form PA but cannot register the Store Item incorporated in your Project unless you purchase exclusive rights or ownership and notify before making a registration.

Copies - 1 Project sale equals 1 copy sold. Example is included but not limited to: 1 album sold is one copy sold, 1 song sold is 1 copy sold, 1 video game sold is 1 copy sold, 1 video game skin sold is one copy sold, etc.

Series, Social Media and Channels - With a Business Lease or higher, Licensee can use up a Project for production series that is connected and released within one year of the first installment, with a maximum of 64 episodes or editions in order to count a series as a single project use under this license (the "Episode Limit"). Any additional episodes or years would require you to purchase an additional license. Social Media accounts, Streaming Channels, Content ID Systems Educational Courses, how to videos, podcasts, episodes, radio shows, music tours, events and anime series. You are responsible for notifying Licensor of Project and relevant social media accounts or channels when doing production series (the “Approved Channel”). If you want more approved social media, accounts or channels on the same platform, you will use up a Project count for each individual channel. For example license allows for 3 Projects, which means a production series can be used on TikTok account 1, TikTok account 2, Client TikTok account 3, Instagram account 1, Instagram account 2, Instagram account Client 3 and the same goes for other social media, accounts or channels for up to 64 different episodes (Videos, podcast, Channel Intros, background music, how to videos, etc.) within that year but cannot be used on a fourth social media, account or channel (the "Account Limit"). Once maximum Episode Limit or Account Limit is reached, you must purchase another license, if Item is still available in store. So your video wont be removed by YouTube, TikTok or other content ID system all license holders need to send information using this form.

Production Series -  Examples: YouTube/Twitch Channels, Educational Courses, how to videos, podcast episodes, radio shows, music tours, events, anime series or episodes.

Version - Licensee can translate Project to other languages with alternate text, voice over, short version where no new content has been added or has minor tag changes where the text or content has been revised. Up to 5 alternate versions allowed per project. Example 1: English version changed to Spanish version. Example 2: Changing “Coming Soon” or “Preview” version to “Now Showing” version.

Crew Team - Each individual person counts as one crew team member and must abide by this entire agreement. Crew team is allowed access to the Store Item and to contribute to Project. Product cannot be stored on more than 3 personally owned devices or cloud storage, such as phone, laptop, Dropbox, etc. per crew member. Each crew team member must not allow anyone else that is not a part of the crew team to access to the original store item separately from your Project.

Duration - On the day a Product is purchased the download is licensed for use in a Project depending on the type of license purchased and the limitations it comes with. Licensee must renew the license before the expiration date. On the day license expires Licensee must pay Licensor 50% of all gross profits or 70% of all gross profits for Remixes until a new license is purchased, if item is still available. If exclusive rights or ownership has been sold to the Store Product, Licensee can no longer use Product download in their Project and must take down Projects from all stores. If sale is reversed by Licensee for any reason (the “Reversed Sale”), licensed rights are terminated without notice and you must immediately destroy all copies of the Product download contained on any type of project or device under your or crew teams' control or possession.

Editorial Use - With proper license Licensee can use Product for editorial purposes for journalistic, cultural, social commentary, newsworthy reporting.

Performance Types

Licensee must not exceed the type of project that is allowed on the license purchased. Performances can be communicated to the public in a format now known or later developed.

Pre-Made Performance - Project must be pre-recorded or finished prior to public on digital release only.

Live Performance - Project can be performed live at a concert, business, event, digital ad, telephone, mobile phone, tablet, desktop or streaming platform (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, TikTok Live, etc.).

Broadcast Performance - Audio or video program broadcasted live in front of an audience as it happens or relayed via electronic communications medium through wired transmission or over the air with Synchronization Monetization rights on Radio, Television, Cable, Movies, Physical and Digital Advertisements, Commercials, Satellite, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Video Games.

Remixed Product - A remix shall be know as a derivative work when Licensee changes the audio or visual product download further from the original composition, sound recording, visual color, shape or other material embodiment to incorporate in a new Project. What separates a remix (making changes to downloaded product itself) from a regular Project (audio visuals ADDEDD to a download product) with the allowed limitation of changes to a downloaded product such as equalization, mono, stereo, surround or mixing volume of sound recordings, resizing visual downloads and adding audio visual content to your Project such as vocals to a beat to make a song, adding title, pictures or graphics to album art, adding visuals to video, 3D model animations, etc.. The copyright, intellectual property, sound recording, composition, or embodiment of the new audio or visual material elements shall remain the ownership of Licensor. The profits of such remixes shall be split in the following matter: Licensor 70% and Licensee 30% royalties.

Store Product Restrictions

The following limitations apply when downloadable products are incorporated in you Projects, but is not limited to:

a) DO NOT Register for content ID system registration such as YouTube or digital aggregators to prevent you or client(s) from receiving copyright infringement takedown notice.

b) DO NOT Re-digitize, create derivative works, remix, upload, register or claim ownership rights to the Product without purchasing the proper license or expressively permitted by Licensor.

c) DO NOT Make Licensor be looked at in a negative way, made fun off, or unflattering.

d) DO NOT Sell non-exclusive or exclusive rights to a Product to a Record Label, Advertising or Marketing Agency, Production Company, another Producer or for use in any Competitive Product of the completed or edited/revised versions without first obtaining permission from Licensor.

e) DO NOT use Product in illegal, obscene, harmful, discriminatory, harassing, defamation, immoral, hateful, substance abuse, worshiping evil or terrorist gang activity.

f) DO NOT Copy, rip any material, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any part of any source code contained within the content or avoid, bypass, remove or impair any technological measure that limits access to the Product (e.g. sound, drum programming, instruments, images, data, texture, feel, etc.).

g) All Store Products are owned by their respective Licensor, author, creator, affiliate network or their sub-licensors.

h) Do Not use Store Product for template, which you give away for free or to any third-party asset market stores, stock media, sample packs or soundboards.

i) DO NOT Resell Store Product by itself, sublicense, bundled with other Products, or as stock in a tool distribution, auction or peer-to-peer file share. j) DO NOT allow others outside of your crew team to separate item from your Project by taking commercial steps to prevent end user from gaining access to the product, password protecting database, using proprietary Project format or encrypting Project data.

k) DO NOT use Product or make a registered or unregistered trademark, tradename, slogan, logo, copyright or service mark claim in your Project in connection to Licensor.

h) DO NOT use automated mass download (crawling) to have your Project downloaded or use Project for machine learning or neural network training purposes.

Split Sheet Agreement - An Audio Product such as Beats, Hooks, Loops and Songs are registered with Performance Rights Organization (P.R.O.). Nothing in this license acts as a waiver of any P.R.O. fees or royalties which shall become due and payable by other rights society (BMI, Sound Exchange, NPR Music, or other collection agency). You may need to obtain additional performing rights from a P.R.O and be subject to additional fees. When registering songs use the information below for publishing rights and ownership of underlying composition embodied in the Master Recording. Licensee and Licensor hereby agree that underlying composition shall be owned/split as follows:

Description Licensee Licensor Publisher (Admin)
Name Customer + Crew Team Producer/Artist/Performer: Cali Crazed Songwriter: Fernando Munguia Toscano Tunecore Digital Music
Song Publishing Rights Ownership 50% 50% 0%
Remix Publishing Rights Ownership 30% 70% 0%
IPI Number 00652789307 00642005099

Mechanical Rate - After Product license expires, Licensee will pay a minimum statutory mechanical compulsory license rate on all audio Store Products (and visual store product equivalent) containing original musical compositions on a Project after license expires, whenever a Project is physically manufactured (CD’s, USB, Hologram, etc.) or when there is a permanent digital download.  Rate must automatically be updated to the rate set by the Harry Fox Agency and shall pay a split percentage in the split sheet agreement above of of 9.1 cents (4.55 cents) or of $1.75 (0.875 cents) per minute for sound recordings over 5 minutes or fraction of a minute there of or ringtone 25 cents (12.5 cents) or subscription (variable by type).

Audio Works Types

MP3 320 kbps WAV 16 bit 44.1 kHz Stems WAV 24 bit 48 kHz Kicks, Drums, Melody, Vocals, Master Hi Res Multitracks WAV 64 bit 192 kHz Individual beat tracks split by sound recording Studio File FL Studio (99.9%) or Studio One (.01%)

Master Recording - Audio work that contains an original sound recording, performance or lyrics.

Composition - Structure of a original musical composition piece embodying the sound recording, melody, chords, lyrics in a tangible format.

Instrumentals - Also known as beats that contains sound recordings of original musical compositions, melodies, notation, drum patterns, etc.

Sound Loops  - Sound recording with repeating looped musical compositions usually 4, 8 or 16 bars.

Chorus - Sound recording containing an instrumental with a compositions including vocals in the chorus section and or repeating in other parts throughout the beat.

Song -  Sound recording containing compositions of vocals throughout most of the instrumental or beat with chorus.

Cover Song - When licensee purchases a Song they can create a new vocal sound recording made from the existing song to create a cover song to use with the beat (the "Cover Song") or have the new sound recording incorporated with a single acoustic instrument (the "Acoustic Cover Song").

Midi - Musical notation composition

Music Sheet - Musical notation that can be read from paper.

Sounds Effects - Sound Effects (the "SFX") are a sound recording with an atmospheric topic (usually a few seconds) such as a weapon, home noise, foley, cars, animals, etc.

Sound Packs - Sound recordings containing a collection of sound effects or drum patterns, kicks, claps, hats, sound effects, instrument sounds, loops, melodies, etc.

3D Models - 3D models contain textures and uv maps.

Image - Photograph of something in two dimensional space.

Graphic - Visual image or design on illustration, PNG, JPEG, paper, screen, wall, canvas or other physical or digital format.

Drawing - Illustration hand drawn on paper.

Video - A sequence of images with or without a sound recordings.

GIF - A Graphics Inter change Format uses a two dimensional image files to create an animated sequence image without sound recording.