Workers Compensation Terror-I.S.M. (Intelligence Service Manipulation)

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100 Pounds of Metal Times Gravity

In 2013 I survived getting hit 4 times by an 100 pound pipe (21 Feet Long), falling from the height of a rooftop in San Diego county. The pipe hit me so hard it cut my helmet and dented my skull feeling the pressure directly to my brain, memory loss, blackouts, loss of bodily functions, seizures among other brain injury problems. Despite this work injury that happened in San Diego, CA, I was forced to work with a swollen brain, swollen heart, swollen back, swollen arm, compressed spine, heart pain, organ pain, neck, hip, etc. I was told by my coworkers, several doctors and lawyers to stop complaining about my pain so that I could not receive the proper treatment for the proper recovery process to take place. I am having a really hard time comprehending myself, the world and my brain injury made everything worse, at times it is hard to tell the difference between dreams and reality. Death threats began to due to my work injury not just to me but my family members as well and continued through 2021. I feel like I am being targeted like a slave having to watch my back from insurance threats and their terrorists gang drug dealing networks. Its 2021 and I have received 20 death threats and attacks combined. One of them being when they tried to run me over the day after my birthday in 2020. San Diego Police, Lawyers, Doctors, Insurance and other cities have shown me that federal government officials can get away with bullying, harassments, threatening and killing already injured workers just to not pay for medical bills. I have talked to other injured workers and more than half of them dropped their cases due to the level of harassments both online and offline additionally to the death threats or attacks they received. Workers compensation feels like your fighting for your life and being forced into American slavery without rights to proper medical treatment in the year 2021!.

Despite going through such a hard time I maintain myself working to help better my community by providing new awesome content for inspiration. Years after my injury I had to relearn how to use my energy healing abilities and how to reach blessed energy through meditation. Once I reached a certain level I could start to see Angels of heaven around me once again helping me in my journey of life. At some point I saw Jesus Christ in the clouds with my Mom and that day he stopped the rain until I got home. I want to show the world that they can stand and fight for what they believe in with the help of God, nothing is impossible.

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